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St Francis Special School, Whitefield, Beaufort, Co. Kerry

Mission Statement

St. Francis Special School (SFSS) is situated on the grounds of St. Mary of The Angels in Beaufort. Since August 2005, the school operates under the sponsorship of St. John of God Kerry Services who are the Trustees. While we have a Catholic ethos in St. Francis Special School, no Pupil is discriminated against because of religious beliefs.

St. Francis Special School is dedicated to providing the highest quality, care and education of pupils under our instruction. In partnership with the Parents/Guardians, Families and/or Residential Personnel of our Pupils, we seek to promote individual intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development. The dignity of each child is maintained at a premium, thus ensuring equality of provision. We believe that each child is entitled to an appropriate educational provision, regardless of individual levels of attainment and functioning. While enabling each Pupil to develop his/her potential to the full, we also want our pupils to be happy in school and to enjoy their time in our care.