Arbutus (Art / Music Room)

SFSS has a lovely and spacious art room. It is the Arbutus room and it used to be Cora’s classroom. The children cover the entire primary art curriculum with Bernadette and their teachers. The art room is well stocked with art resources such as clay, paint, ink, rollers, fabric, mosaic tiles, googly eyes and glitter to name just a few. The evidence of the children’s wonderful art work can be found all around the school as well as in our calendar!

The music curriculum is delivered by Ríona and the class teachers. The children have access to tuned and un-tuned musical instruments in the school. Programmes such as Tac Pac and Sticky kids mix sensory and physical education with music. These programmes are used in many of the classes. Percussion instruments are a particular favourite of the pupils. Music is hugely popular and can be heard coming from every classroom most days. Children are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability, be that singing, performing with percussion instruments or body percussion.